Wolf Creek access area is one of the largest areas of its type on Lake Shelbyville. There are a variety of activites and use areas available at Wolf Creek, including a complete equestrian camp area with 15 miles of horse trails, all forms of camping, a very large boat launch facility, sandy beaches for swimming and seven hiking trails.

Red Fox Trail is located just to the north of the main campground inside the Wolf Creek area. There’s a large parking area at the trail head, complete with picnic area with attached grills, rest room facilities and a playground.

The trail itself is compacted earth and a really pleasant hike. It’s just about 3 miles round trip and consists of two loops, connected along the south end. The south end of the trail is a relatively flat loop. Once you get around to the north end, the trail will loop out onto points, taking you down towards the shoreline of Lake Shelbyville. The climb out on these can be a bit steep at times and makes me rate the difficulty of the trail system itself as ‘moderate’. There are bypasses at the beginning of each point loop however, so taking these and avoiding the trek onto the points, although less scenic,  will put the trail firmly on the ‘easy’ side of things.

There’s an abundance of wildlife in this system, particularly white tail deer. We’ve had several encounters with fawns and a few young adults. The close proximity of the lake will also present the opportunity to view a wide variety of bird life, including cardinals, bluebirds, herons and the occasional sea gull. The trail is well kept and maintained by the Army Corps of Engineers.

A Very Unusual Tree

Just across the road, east of the campground, is another trail, roughly a mile round trip, that leads to a very unusual tree. Again, a compacted earth trail, I’d rate as very easy, and a nice way to add another mile and interesting photo opp to your day hike.

Many more outdoor activities abound at Lake Shelbyville and we plan to spend several more weekends exploring there in the future.

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