Just west of the little town of Greenup on the Cumberland National Road a little bit of history has been recreated.

177 years after the original Jackson Covered Bridge was constructed, a recreation of that bridge was commemorated over the Embarass River (pronounced Em-ba-raa).

The recreation was designed to carry modern day vehicle loads, including semi-trucks, this 200 foot single span structure is reported to be the longest covered timber bridge in the US without posted restrictions.

The old bridge, according to local folk lore, was constructed by a group of people which included a young Abraham Lincoln, his father and a cousin. In 1995 a group of people started discussions on a replacement for the old bridge which had fallen into disrepair and in 1996 a flood
all but finished the structure off.
Costing 2.8 million dollars to construct and funded by Federal and State funds, the old structure was demolished and removed in November of 1998 and in spring of 2001, the new bridge was commemorated.
A patent from the original bridge truss aided in the design of the new bridge. Walking inside the bridge one is astounded by the size of the large timbers and the visible construction techniques used.

The new bridge has a story board and observation deck on the west bank and is open to both vehicle and foot traffic.

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-Ed Baumgarten