There’s a ‘game’ going on all around you that you may not know about….it’s called Letterboxing. Taking a hint from what you might know as a ‘scavenger hunt’, participants create a ‘letterbox’ with a waterproof container, a notepad and a rubber stamp…….and hide it. They hide them in trees, under rocks, in crevices….all sorts of places. They then leave clues on the internet so other letterboxers can hunt for and eventually find the letterbox. Many of these letterbox locations are near historical landmarks, require a hike or will lead the searcher towards other interesting destinations……part of the fun is getting there.

The hunter, carries with them their own rubber stamp, and once the letterbox is found, they use their stamp to make their mark in the notebook, along with any friendly comments, for the next person to read. They then use the stamp in the letterbox to stamp their own notebook to document their visit. It’s also great fun to see who was there before you. The letterbox is then carefully repacked and re-hidden for the next hunter to find. There are thousands of letterboxes hidden in the USA, hundreds around Illinois. Hints and instructions on where to find letterboxes range from the ‘it’s right here’ direct instructions to very cryptic, almost ‘Holy Grail’ search type instructions……something for everyone. It’s a great reason to get out and explore Illinois!

Start your search for clues on the Letterboxing culture HERE and if you’re the adventurous sort…….keep searching from there……

-Ed Baumgarten