About 4 miles north of I-70’s Exit 129 (Casey) in the middle of, well, an oilfield, is Oilfield. Built in 1866, the building served as a one room school house, known as ‘Butternut School’ until around 1963, when it was converted into a general store. The location operated as a general store for many years, serving as both supply depot and gathering spot for the locals, by various owners until closing in 1986. It was reopened in 2001 after sitting dormant for some 15 years to be exclusively a restaurant. The current owners have had it since 2009.

The building is a delightful old structure full of friendly folks and good smells. Oilfield and vintage memorabilia line the walls and the signage is at once, historical and whimsical. Seating is family style with a set of large tables along one wall along with several smaller tables scattered about. The best spot in the house however, is not in the house. Outside under a canopy are a row of picnic tables for those wishing to get some fresh air with their meal. The menu is of cheeseburgers, fries and onion rings with home-made pie readily available, all of which is very good!
It’s wonderful that small businesses like these survive in the heartland, and a testament to the determination and love that the owners put into them day in and day out. One can see and hear from the guests that they’re at home there…..and at home you’ll feel too.

When you’re traveling down I-70, make it a point to take a 4 mile detour north and enjoy Oilfield!

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-Ed Baumgarten